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Scottish charm, grace and style straight from the Beskids!
The history of our kennel is relatively short. The idea for breeding these perky but dignified dogs came a long time ago, but until recently the professional duties did not allow this dream to come true. However, dreams do come true.
In December 2018 O'Nika from Magic Scotland kennel joined Leri (11-year-old Scottie) saved many years ago from a puppy mill. In July 2020, we welcomed Hanele Ava, (called Hana) from Czech Majestic kennel.
Our dogs are family members and watchful garden owners. Our females are healthy, which is confirmed by voluntary tests for the transmission of genetic defects: CMO-0; von Willebrand disease Type 3 score N / N.

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Breed description

The Scottish Terrier Club was founded in 1882, a year after the first standard was written and only three years after Captain Gordon Murray showed Scottish Terriers in their present form. The common perception is that this short-legged Scottish terrier is often regarded as a dangerous Scot. In reality, it is a dog that is friendly to its family and friends, but is ready to defend its home and surroundings with any. sound.Faithful and attached to his owner, dignified, independent, not too exuberant, courageous and very intelligent. Audacious but never aggressive. Despite his short limbs, he is very mobile and agile.Height at the withers: 25 - 28 cm. Weight: 8.5 - 10.5 kg.

Source: FCI Standard No. 73 SCOTTISH TERRIER
(Scottish Terrier)

Our Scottish Terriers

O'Nika Magic Scotland (FCI)

** Youth Champion of Poland **
Champion of Poland
Born: 05.09.2018.
Mother: MISS GRACE KELLY Magic Scotland (FCI)
Nika is an adorable, typical Scottish Terrier, consistently protecting our garden from moles and voles.Read more on Nika's prizes in the Achievements section.

Hanele Ava Majesco
Urodzona 10.04.2020.

Champion of Poland
Urodzona 10.04.2020.
Born: 10.04.2020.
Mother: Fariela Fuori Majesco
Father: Brueik's Super Hero by Berrybreeze
Hanele, called Hana, is a joyful Scottie girl. She acts typical for her breed, staying brave, curious and friendly to humans.Read more on Hana's prizes in the Achievements section.
Urodzona 10.04.2020.
Urodzona 10.04.2020.


On the first day of March 2023, a puppy dog was born. Mother is O'NIKA Magic Scotland and father is Interchampion PLAJ&K ARTIST DAI HARD breed by Ania Lipik. The new owners are waiting impatiently for a new family member.
I am pleased to inform you that our kennel can boast of a new litter. The parents are Hanele Ava Majesco and VIGO PLAJ&K ARTIST. 2 girls (one brindle) and 4 boys were born. Black female dog Bonnie Scottish Charm has already been reserved, in Athens is waiting for her longed-for new family. Black male will go to Mr. Zdzislaw in Cracow.
Puppies from litter B - born on July 19, 2023. they are already at the stage of secondary socialization. Why is socialization so important? Puppies socialized in the kennel adapt more easily to new living conditions in new families. Such puppies are curious about new situations, new people, animals, they are self-confident and trust people. Our dogs, just like people, learn throughout their lives, and it is easier for them to learn when they are emotionally stable thanks to proper socialization. I try to ensure that my puppies encounter various situations during their stay in the kennel, especially those that they will certainly encounter in their new families. Bonnie goes to a family with a female German shepherd. I really wanted her to meet such a bitch. Majka was "borrowed" from my friend Grażyna, as you can see, it was worth it. I'm sure Foxy will accept Bonnie into his pack and Bonnie will accept its rules.
We invite people who would also like to become a new family for a Scottish terrier to contact us.

Pictures of our scotties

The shows display the beauty of these dogs, but the true character is visible only in the frames from everyday life. :)

what it's like to have a scottie

Soon we will invite you to read our newsletter about Scotties - their nutrition, care and everyday life.
In short - everything you want to know before accepting a Scottie under your roof.

Achievements of our scotties

O'Nika Magic Scotland FCIShowCity/TownAchievements
12-18 Month ClassInternational5-7.07.2019 WisłaGold medal, Youth Winner, Best Junior
12-18 Month ClassInternational31.08.-01.09.2019 Rybnik-KamieńExcellent, Silver medal.
12-18 Month ClassNational12.10.2019 ZabrzeExcellent, Silver medal.
12-18 Month ClassNational13.10.2019 GliwiceExcellent, Silver medal.
12-18 Month ClassNational25.01.2020 SosnowiecGold medal,Youth Winner, Best Junior, Best of Breed, Winner of Memorial of Hanna Bartman
12-18 Month ClassNational26.01.2020 SosnowiecGold medal, Youth Winner, Best Junior, Best of Breed
15-24 Month ClassHound Dog Show30.08.2020 KleszczówSilver medal, Excellent, Silver medal.
Open ClassInternational26-27.06.2021 Chemnitz NiemcyExcellent, Silver medal.
Open ClassHound Dog Show14.08.2021 GorliceGold medal, Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, CWC/CAC
Open ClassNational15.08.2021 GorliceGold medal, Best Bitch, CWC/CAC
Open ClassNational21.08.2021 KobiórGold medal, Best Bitch, CWC/CAC
Open ClassInternational28-29.08.2021 Rybnik-KamieńGold medal, Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, CWC/CAC,CACIB
Open ClassInternational25-26.09.2021 WrocławExcellent, Silver medal.
Open ClassNational10.10.2021 ZabrzeGold medal, CWC/CAC.
Open ClassInternational13.11.2021 PoznańSilver medal, Excellent.
Open ClassInternational14.11.2021 PoznańGold medal, CWC/CAC, Res.CACIB.
Open ClassNational09.04.2022 BraniceGold Medal, Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, CWC/CAC.
Hanele Ava MajescoShowCity/TownAchievements
12-18 Month ClassInternational26-27.06.2021 Chemnitz NiemcySilver medal, Excellent.
12-18 Month ClassHound Dog Show14.08.2021 GorliceVery good.
12-18 Month ClassNational15.08.2021 GorliceGold medal, Youth Winner, Best Junior, Best of Opposite Sex.
12-18 Month ClassNational21.08.2021 KobiórGold medal, Youth Winner, Best Junior, Best of Opposite Sex.
12-18 Month ClassInternational28-29.08.2021 Rybnik-KamieńGold medal.
15-24 Month ClassInternational25-26.09.2021 WrocławSilver medal, Excellent.
15-24 Month ClassNational10.10.2021 ZabrzeGold medal, Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, CWC/CAC.
15-24 Month ClassInternational13.11.2021 PoznańSilver medal, Excellent.
15-24 Month ClassInternational14.11.2021 PoznańSilver medal, Excellent.
15-24 Month ClassNational09.04.2022 BraniceSilver medal,Excellent.
Open ClassNational10.04.2022 BraniceGold Medal, CWC/CAC.
Open ClassHound Dog Show (big CWC/CAC)03.05.2022 JeleśniaGold Medal, Best Bitch, Best of Opposite Sex, CWC/CAC.

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